Why Should Your Organization Get An OKR Coach?


What does your organization do when it wants to attract more organic traffic to the website? You prioritize hiring an SEO expert, right? Or would you ask your sales executives to read a couple of articles about SEO and work on your website? It’s definitely the former! A similar logic applies to the implementation of OKRs in your organization. Referring to a few books or articles can be a good start but at the end of the day, it won’t be sustainable as you need expertise.

OKR Coach

While the OKR management framework is quite simple in isolation, having the entire organization comprehend the meanings of OKRs isn’t as easy as it seems. Getting an expert onboard will enable you to get proficient guidance on the best OKR strategies, and train your teams to work with OKR efficiently. So, let us take a glance at why you the OKR coach will be beneficial for your organization. 

1. Effective utilization of time and money

There are multiple roles and stakeholders involved in the process of OKR. Each one of them requires a different type of guidance. When you are leading an organization, ideally you would want everything to fall in place as soon as possible. Getting an OKR champion enables you to do just that by making everyone more aligned and linked with the top priorities. An OKR coach will be familiar with the implementation of the OKR tool from all perspectives and their proficiency will enable you to save time and money substantially. The odds of starting well right from the start of the OKR management amplifies just by having your OKR coach onboard. Having proficient guidance to supervise and lead the implementation of the approach is highly recommendable. 

2. Effective embracement of the OKR methodology 

It’s been more than 50 years since the OKR approach has been around. Thousands of organizations have succeeded as well as failed with this approach. Now, why would you not want to start on the right path straight away? The proficient OKR coaches bring along a deep understanding and experience of hands-on training in this methodology. They tend to have great clarity around what works well and what doesn’t when for implementation of OKRs for different industries. The different challenges that can pop up at any time during the journey can be confusing to manage without the guidance of a professional. The OKR champions know how to prevent and overcome such challenges. This ensures that the motivation of the organization isn’t hampered at any point during the implementation of OKRs. 

3. Uncover the blind spots

Blindspot is a problem that is quite common for all organizations today. These are basically the area that demands improvement, but the organization doesn’t realize this need for improvement. These blind spots can be hard to uncover in the absence of an OKR champion/coach. For instance, studying a book on how to run faster won’t enable you to compete at the Olympics after a few weeks. You would still need a lot of practice and training, all while being supervised by a professional coach, right? It’s just similar when it comes to the OKR program. It is only a professional coach who will be familiar with the challenges and the blind spots that will come throughout the journey. It’s normal for us humans not to be the best at everything. That’s why organizations hire experts. Not having an OKR coach, will not enable you to uncover the things you are doing wrong and needs improvisation. 

4. Improve accountability and successful adoption

Accountability is one of the most crucial pillars for the successful implementation of the OKR management framework. There has to be certain someone who is in charge of supervising the check-ins and solving any and all types of queries. These professional OKR champions know how to facilitate accountability and ensure that everyone is playing their part to make it a success. This ensures that the OKR methodology is practiced in the most ideal manner. Otherwise, your organization won’t reap all the benefits of this highly effective approach. Therefore, the OKR champion ensures that it is adopted successfully. They are quite helpful not only during the initial boarding procedure but for the long-term growth of the organization as well. 

What makes a good OKR coach?

An ideal OKR champion of coach generally has a brilliant set of soft skills. It is understandable that an OKR champion should be well-organized and should be passionate to coach and assisting the team members. This is the reason it is said that an OKR Champion is generally an actual champion. They completely comprehend the OKR management framework, notice the benefits, and are willing to put in work to resolve and prevent all sorts of issues. Your OKR coach should have at least a few of the following characteristics:

1. High level of patience

2. Responsible and reliable

3. Well-organized

4. Knowledgeable about the organization’s DNA

5. A good mentor

It is very crucial for you to understand that embracing and implementing the OKR methodology in your routine can take time. To ensure that all of this is done in the best possible manner, reach out to us today! 


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Gaurav Sabharwal


Gaurav is the CEO of JOP (Joy of Performing), an OKR and high-performance enabling platform. With almost two decades of experience in building businesses, he knows what it takes to enable high performance within a team and engage them in the business. He supports organizations globally by becoming their growth partner and helping them build high-performing teams by tackling issues like lack of focus, unclear goals, unaligned teams, lack of funding, no continuous improvement framework, etc. He is a Certified OKR Coach and loves to share helpful resources and address common organizational challenges to help drive team performance. Read More

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