Join our team of global strategy execution experts and help businesses and teams transform their performance using JOP’s powerful goal-setting framework.

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JOP’s Partner Ecosystem

JOP offers tools and personalized solutions to empower organizations to achieve better team alignment and high performance.

Elevate your Strategy Execution

Maximize efficiency and effectiveness in executing strategies by integrating our partners' specialized tools and expertise seamlessly into your workflows.

Enhance Collaboration

Harness the capabilities of JOP’s partner ecosystem to foster better collaboration within your organization and with external stakeholders, facilitating smoother communication and alignment.

Optimize your Strategy Tech Stack

Effortlessly integrate JOP's solutions with your existing IT infrastructure, ensuring your technology investments seamlessly support your strategic initiatives.

Boost your Strategic Impact

Drive greater strategic impact and success by leveraging the collective power of JOP's partner ecosystem, enabling your teams to achieve more with less effort and distraction.

Our Consulting Partners

Experts in strategy and implementation, offering specialized guidance and support to optimize
organizational performance and achieve strategic objectives.

Cresko Consulting
Action Coach
It’s People
Strategy and Innovation Institute
Visualise Solutions
White Spaces
Procure HR

Our Knowledge Partners

Thought leaders and domain experts who contribute valuable insights, research, and expertise to enrich our
collective understanding and drive continuous learning and improvement.

There Be Giants
OKR Asia
Strategy Why
OKR International
Scaled OKRs

Our Technology Partners

Providers of innovative tools, platforms, and solutions that complement and enhance our offerings, enabling
seamless integration and cutting-edge capabilities.

Explore more Integrations
Saffron Tech
Jira Software
Google Sheets
Microsoft 365

Our Business Partners

Collaborators who share mutual business interests and goals, working together to expand market reach and
drive joint business initiatives.

India Accelerator
Motivational Diaries
Media Graphics PR
Startup Bay
Collar Search
Wellness Mandala
Saffron Edge

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