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Companies of all sizes use JOP

Focus on the key execution elements with JOP’s OKR software

Prioritize meaningful goals and support improved strategy execution by leveraging our business performance plus OKR software.

Prioritize with OKRs

Streamline priorities for busy teams, set up the outcomes that show what success looks like 

Cascade priorities with OKR Alignment Maps

Linking team goals with company priorities brings clarity to your teams

Execute actions that will move the needle

Tasks linked to OKRs to boost productivity

Insights to make data driven improvements

Know where you are, to go where you want

Employee Engagement Software because motivated employees deliver better results

In-built feedback, surveys, and recognition tools to boost engagement among your team.

Recognize employees with continuous feedback

Engaged employees deliver better performance.

Hear your teams out with JOP Voice Surveys

Listening to your employees can transform your workplace

Supercharge your productivity with
seamless Integrations

JOP does the busy work for you! Easily pull in data from all your
favorite tools for a single source of truth.

Execute strategy now on mobile

Boost productivity with tasks, quickly review your OKR progress, and complete surveys with the fast and responsive OKR mobile app.

Love from our customers


Angel SEO

JOP is exactly the one-stop solution one needs for all their team alignment and management problems. We can now track critical results, team progress, and manage the OKRs in full context with complete visibility. We have been able to boost our team's performance with the help of real-time, visual data.

Shubhankar Mathur

Business Development Manager

JOP is a seamless and process oriented tool. A person like myself who likes to be organized and transparent thoroughly welcomes the intergration of a tool like JOP. This allows our teams to be focussed together on the same goal and track the progress across functions to contribute towards the growth.

Ankit Kamal

Business Development Manager

JOP has come across as a one-stop solution to all very specific needs that I had. Tracking my and my team's Key Results, managing the KR's on a platform by measuring the progress with transparency, and taking corrective actions to make sure the whole unit is on track. JOP makes it all so easy for us. Brings me Joy!

Dimpy Shrivastava

Talent Acquisition Head

JOP stands apart from its counterparts by the sheer simplicity of its user experience, with a strong focus on culture and mentoring, which empowers everyone in the organization. It's concise and succinct, driving discussion and focusing attention on key areas.

Mayank Sabharwal

Founder and Managing Director - Paislei

JOP is a seamless and process-oriented tool that has enhanced our team’s agility. I like to create scheduled tasks to optimize team productivity. Therefore, welcoming a team integrating a tool like JOP was indeed on our cards. My team is now more goal-oriented and can track progress across functions.

Saqib Waqar

JOP has a very intuitive user interface, I was amazed by its ability to arrange and prioritize tasks so easily. The built-in timeline view is simply amazing as it encourages transparency and accountability. Once I started using JOP, the different sections of the product helped me to utilize my resources in an efficient way. It made team collaboration more effective.


President and CEO of Desinech

Our teams have gained peace of mind with JOP! It brought us clarity, context, and value-driven prioritization with its interactive UI and rich user experience. We can easily streamline our work with transparency in just one place! My team can spot potential problems and take actionable decisions. It has simply made our work easier and full of joy.

Cait Meinert

JOP provides real-time, actionable data useful for achieving specific performance objectives. Since everyone in our team was working remotely, I wanted to enhance the synergy between individuals. As a COO, I consider JOP a powerful tool as it provides insights into the development areas in our team. It has helped me in recognizing the collective strength of my team.

Jaya c

Director CS

JOP makes strategy execution easy and helps us to plan quarterly goals and targets more satisfactorily. One of the best features JOP have is the feedback and badges section, where I can pass feedback to team members in a convenient way