Drive team engagement using focused execution

Set clear performance expectations via interlinked goals, boost engagement using praise, and increase accountability with a focus on publicly visible goals.

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Companies of all sizes uses JOP

As a People’s Leader, you may face these challenges

  • Providing Clear Performance Expectations

    My team doesn't understand how their daily tasks contribute to achieving our goals. I need a way to set clear expectations that connect the dots.
  • Managing Performance Continuously

    Annual reviews are a thing of the past. I need a system to constantly monitor performance and have regular check-ins with my team to keep them on track.
  • Motivating and Engaging Team Members

    Keeping my team motivated is a constant battle. How can I create a culture of ownership and engagement around our goals?
  • Addressing Team Development Needs

    Skill gaps are a roadblock to success. How can I identify what my team needs to learn and develop to achieve our goals?
  • Establishing Accountability in the Team

    Holding people accountable is like pulling teeth. I need a system to track progress, provide feedback, and ensure everyone meets their commitments.

How can JOP help People Managers achieve more?

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Set Clear Work Expectations

Translate high-level business goals into clear, measurable objectives for everyone. This shows how their daily work contributes to the bigger picture.

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Build an Engaging Work Culture

Implement a framework to set achievable yet ambitious goals that enable engagement. Plus, recognize each other using engagement features.

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Enable (not Assign) Accountability

Help your team set impactful goals and drive accountability with automated progress tracking, transparency in everyone’s goals, and focused check-ins.

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Address Performance Gaps

Now that you have clear priority goals. Conduct routine check-ins, provide timely feedback, and adjust work to close gaps and stay on track to achieve goals.

Love from our customers

Mayank Sabharwal

Founder and Managing Director - Paislei

JOP is a seamless and process-oriented tool that has enhanced our team's agility. I like to create scheduled tasks to optimize team productivity. Therefore, welcoming a team integrating a tool like JOP was indeed on our cards. My team is now more goal-oriented and can track progress across functions.

James Clayfield

Head of sales-digital at 3t

The transparency into company strategy that JOP provides has hugely benefited my leadership. Tying sales activities and metrics to larger goals creates alignment across the team. This has driven greater collaboration and productivity.

Dimpy Shrivastava

Talent Acquisition Head

JOP stands apart from its counterparts by the sheer simplicity of its user experience, with a strong focus on culture and mentoring, which empowers everyone in the organization. It's concise and succinct, driving discussion and focusing attention on key areas.

Aditya Kumar

Digital marketing head at Saffronedge

I'm impressed by how JOP's interactive goal mapping aligns our marketing campaign initiatives visually to overarching company objectives. This software keeps our team's priorities and activities tied to the OKRs as needs change.

Saqib Waqar

JOP has a very intuitive user interface, I was amazed by its ability to arrange and prioritize tasks so easily. The built-in timeline view is simply amazing as it encourages transparency and accountability. Once I started using JOP, the different sections of the product helped me to utilize my resources in an efficient way. It made team collaboration more effective.

Lehar Malhotra

Counselling Psychologist | Emotional Wellness Coach

JOP's intuitive interface has brought invaluable clarity to my goal-setting as a counselor. Aligning my objectives and key results to my broader mission through OKR software has helped me track progress and stay focused on empowering my clients.

Deepanjali Khurana

Founder's Office at Prescinto

JOP has transformed the way we approach performance management. Instead of relying on outdated methods, we now have a dynamic system that encourages continuous feedback and improvement. Personally, I've felt more engaged and motivated, knowing that my contributions directly impact our collective success.

Mausmi Ambastha

Founder and Dreamer at ZapScale

As someone who thrives on data-driven insights, I've been thoroughly impressed with JOP. It not only helps us set ambitious goals but also provides real-time analytics to track our progress. It's been invaluable in guiding our decision-making processes and ensuring we stay agile in a fast-paced market.

Mona Singh

Co-Founder at India Accelerator

JOP's OKR software catalyzes our company's success by instilling clarity and aligning our mission across the organization. With its intuitive design and actionable insights, JOP empowers our team to navigate complexities, hit milestones, and scale our vision with purpose, unity, and relentless drive.

Manasij Ganguli

Co-Founder & CEO at ZapScale

JOP is invaluable for aligning our goals and tracking performance, promoting accountability across our partnership. The transparent interface and insightful metrics empower us to steer ventures toward shared objectives with precision, driving impact and bringing our collective vision to life cohesively.

Deepak Nagpal

Managing Partner at India Accelerator

Four years into defining our business verticals, we started to ask ourselves: does India Accelerator have the right priorities? and are we playing as a team? Every time we tried addressing these questions, we’d zoom too far in, and lose sight of the priorities at a company level. With JOP, we’ve finally been able to find a balance between building capacity for teams and achieving business targets.