Virtual employee engagement space for your company

Create a positive work environment where employees feel valued, appreciated, motivated, and engaged. Use Wall of Joy on JOP to strengthen employee engagement.


Companies of all sizes uses JOP

Engage your people with public recognition tools

Create a safe and positive virtual employee engagement space with a wall of joy. Recognize and celebrate wins publicly.

Get the recognition updates

View necessary company or team updates that people can acknowledge positivel

  • Visit the wall and celebrate people, goal wins, public praise, and teamwork
  • Promote transparency in goal achievements and people's recognition
  • Get other important updates like employee surveys to fill and OKR changes
Cheer and Comment

React and appreciate people's work by giving a cheer or comment

  • Encourage genuine peer-peer recognition by praising for OKR wins and public praise
  • Acknowledge and value your remote employees on the same platform

Frequently Asked Questions

What activities and interactions can I expect to find in the wall of joy?

You can engage in the following activities:

  • Recognizing achievements such as any OKR or milestone achieved.
  • Celebrating work anniversaries and birthdays.
  • Daily employee mood check-ins.
  • Welcome new joiners.
  • Giving shout-outs to colleagues.
  • Employee survey updates.
How does the wall of joy help promote a sense of community and connection among remote employees?

With the wall of joy, you can create opportunities for cross-team engagement and boost remote employees’ morale by highlighting their achievements, milestones, and contributions.

How can managers leverage the wall of joy to recognize and appreciate employee contributions and milestones?

You can publicly recognize employees in the wall of joy and encourage them to do more peer-to-peer recognition.