Tune into These 13 OKR Podcasts for Goal-oriented Leaders

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Are you new to the OKRs? Do you feel like your OKR knowledge needs a refresh?

Or perhaps you want insights from leaders who’ve used OKRs to propel their organizations, and you want to stay ahead of the curve.

If that sounds familiar, we have recommended the 10 best OKR podcasts.

These podcasts offer a unique window into the triumphs and struggles of leaders using OKRs to achieve better performance.

okr podcast

What is an OKR Podcast?

An OKR Podcast is an audio program that explores topics related to OKRs, including best practices, case studies, and expert insights.

These podcasts typically feature interviews with industry leaders, practitioners, and OKR experts, providing listeners with valuable information and practical advice on implementing and optimizing OKRs in various contexts.

They serve as a convenient and accessible resource for individuals and organizations looking to learn more about OKRs and how to leverage them effectively to drive performance and growth.

How can you enhance your understanding of OKRs and improve your skills by listening to podcasts?

Podcasts can be a game-changer for deepening your OKR knowledge and building practical skills. Here’s how these resources can fuel your OKR journey.

 1. Listen to the experts in the domain

Imagine having top OKR consultants and practitioners in your pocket, ready to share their knowledge anytime. Podcasts offer just that! Gain valuable insights you might not find elsewhere, broadening your understanding of best practices and potential pitfalls.

2. Learn from real-world leaders

Podcasts often feature interviews with company leaders successfully implementing OKRs. These case studies provide a fantastic opportunity to learn from their positive and negative experiences. 

You’ll see firsthand how OKRs are applied in different industries and company cultures, giving you practical ideas for adapting them to your own organization.

3 Different perspectives

The beauty of podcasts lies in their variety. You’ll be exposed to various perspectives on OKRs with numerous shows available. 

This can spark new ideas, challenge your assumptions, and ultimately inspire you to approach OKRs with a fresh outlook. Discover new ways to implement OKRs and get motivated to achieve ambitious goals.

4. Make learning a habit and not a hassle

Let’s face it, carving out time for professional development can be tough. Podcasts offer a convenient way to learn on the go. 

Listen during your commute, while exercising, or even doing chores. This allows you to fit bite-sized learning into your busy schedule and cultivate continuous improvement in your OKR skills. 

Integrate learning into your daily routine and stay on top of the latest trends in the OKR world.

What are the types of OKR Podcasts?

The world of OKR podcasts is vast, but don’t worry! Here’s a breakdown of some key types to help you find the perfect fit for your needs

1. Foundational knowledge: Perfect for beginners or those needing a refresher. These podcasts focus on the core principles of OKRs: setting objectives, crafting key results, and aligning them across teams. Think of them as “OKR 101“!

2. Advanced strategies and deep dives: Ready to take your OKRs to the next level? These podcasts explore advanced techniques for seasoned users. They might discuss goal cascading, overcoming common challenges, or integrating OKRs with other frameworks.

3. Industry-specific insights: Want to see OKRs in action within your specific field? Look for podcasts featuring companies or experts within your industry. These will showcase how OKRs are used effectively in your domain, offering practical tips and best practices you can readily implement.

4. Leadership and change management: Implementing OKRs successfully often hinges on effective leadership and change management. These podcasts offer guidance for leaders navigating the adoption process, creating buy-in, and fostering a culture of goal achievement.

5. Interviews & case studies: Looking for real-world inspiration and actionable advice? Podcasts featuring interviews with OKR experts and case studies of successful implementations can be a goldmine. Learn from the experiences of others and tailor their strategies to fit your organizational needs.

Top 13 OKR Podcasts that would impact your knowledge and skills

Wondering which OKR podcasts can give your real-life skills a boost? This selection offers something for everyone!

1. The JOP Podcast

Listen to the latest industry trends, expert interviews, and more valuable and original insights to enhance employee performance and keep growing. From Experienced Consultants and Investors to Serial Entrepreneurs, we sit and have candid conversations about growing a business successfully.

Listen to the podcast 

2. Action and Ambition

Listen to the latest podcast interview with Profit.co’s CEO, Bastin Gerald, on Entrepreneur Media’s Action and Ambition series with ANDREW MEDAL. Bastin, a well-known figure in the OKR field, shares his innovative ideas and professional insights on transforming strategy execution with the help of people.

Listen to the podcast (Google)

Listen to the podcast (Apple)

3. Goal Diggers: OKR, KPIs, Strategy, and People Management

Goal Diggers: OKR, KPIs, Strategy, and People Management would solely concentrate and discuss Objectives & Key Results (OKRs), Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), strategy, and more with industry experts and thought leaders. 

Listen to the podcast

4. THERE BE GIANTS: The World’s First OKR Podcast

There be Giants: The world’s longest-running OKR podcast has five seasons of content focusing on OKR methodology. Experts in numerous industries are often guests that discuss their strategies for success.

Listen to the podcast 

5. Work Board: The OKR Podcast

The OKR Podcast by Work Board is perfect for beginners looking to understand the fundamentals of OKRs. Listen to learn how to enhance your business using advanced strategies like the OKR framework.

Listen to the podcast

6. Metrics & Chill: Predictable Growth for B2B

Metrics & Chill explores business metrics and innovative strategies to enhance them. It’s an excellent resource for discovering new and creative ways to achieve success. The podcast often showcases esteemed business leaders for enlightening discussions.

Listen to the podcast 

7. Dreams with Deadlines

Discover inspiring tales of success and challenges in Dreams with Deadlines. Listen to experts in the field as they discuss the significance of aligning your business and teams with common goals and using OKRs to effectively manage your objectives.

Listen to the podcast 

8. OKRs Q&A by Atruity Consultancy

The OKRs Q&A podcast has a straightforward format that helps listeners find answers to their questions about OKRs. Tim Meinhardt, the CEO of Atruity and the podcast host, invites industry experts to provide guidance on OKRs.

Listen to the podcast

9. OKR Cohort by Denise Kanfield and Nizar Khoja

Denise Kanfield and Nizar Khoja, two business experts, are the hosts of the OKR Cohort podcast series. This podcast focuses on different challenges that come up when implementing OKRs and provides guidance on how to overcome them.

Listen to the podcast

10. Radical Operations by Krezzo

The Radical Operations Podcast is designed for executives and operational leaders in expanding companies who want to synchronize strategy, implementation, and results to accomplish greater success!

Listen to the podcast

11. Goal Getters: OKRs Podcast by Vidya Sandhanam

Vidya, the CEO, and Co-Founder of Fitbots OKRs, led the Goal Getters podcast, which discussed how OKRs are revolutionizing the business world by emphasizing the importance of executing strategies effectively. However, they have discontinued these podcasts.

Listen to the podcast

12. OKRs Made Easy by Datalligence AI

OKR Made Easy provides insights into real-life experiences and challenges of implementing OKRs, uncovering the reasons for their popularity. Tune in and gain knowledge on creating accountability and achieving results to grow your business with expert coaching on OKRs. 

Listen for the podcast

13. Perform by OKRI

The OKR Institute (okrinstitute.org) presents its official podcast. Each episode interviews OKR Experts, coaches, champions, practitioners, and Entrepreneurs to share their experience implementing OKRs and Leadership.

Listen for the podcast

Why is creating a Podcast beneficial for your organization?

This is for the OKR Consultants and companies providing OKR-related products or services. 

You might be thinking, “Podcasts? Do I really need another marketing channel?” But here’s how an OKR podcast can unlock significant benefits for you.

1. Thought Leadership & Brand Awareness

A podcast positions you as an authority on OKRs. Imagine potential customers discovering your expertise through insightful discussions.

2. Attract & Retain Top Talent

A podcast showcasing your OKR philosophy demonstrates your commitment to growth and transparency. Job seekers consider a company’s culture when applying.

3. Drive Internal Alignment & OKR Adoption

OKRs success depends on a company-wide understanding. A podcast lets you communicate OKRs directly to employees, establishing alignment and buy-in.

4. Build Community & Customer Relationships

Listeners can connect with your brand and engage with your message. Listeners feel more connected to the brands they listen to on podcasts.

5. Stay Ahead of the Curve with OKR Trends

A podcast allows you to interview experts and discuss emerging OKR trends. Many B2B marketers leverage podcasts to stay updated on industry trends.

6. Generate Valuable Content & Repurpose Material

Podcasts are a goldmine of content. You can transcribe episodes into blog posts, infographics, or social media snippets.

7. Improve Sales & Lead Generation

Podcasts can be powerful lead magnets. In exchange for listener information, offer gated content like bonus interviews or OKR templates.


Remember to review your OKRs frequently. The business environment is always changing, so be adaptable, try new methods, and see what best suits your team and business. 

If you’re still unsure about OKRs, seek professional help. Collaborate with our OKR consultants to set your goals. Contact us here to set up a consultation and unleash your organization’s potential with OKRs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I make listening to OKR Podcasts a routine?

Listening to OKR Podcasts regularly can provide valuable insights, tips, and strategies for improving goal-setting, performance management, and overall organizational effectiveness.

2. How can I find OKR Podcasts that delve deeper into specific aspects of OKR implementation?

You can search for OKR Podcast episodes that focus on specific topics like cascading goals by using podcast directories or platforms and filtering by relevant keywords or topics.

3. How can I use OKR Podcasts to learn from other entrepreneurs?

You can listen to OKR Podcast episodes featuring interviews or case studies with successful entrepreneurs who share their experiences and insights on implementing OKRs effectively.

4. How can I leverage OKR Podcasts to stay up-to-date on the latest OKR trends and best practices?

You can subscribe to OKR Podcasts for regular updates and expert discussions on the latest trends, strategies, and best practices in OKR implementation.

5. Are there any academic experts featured on OKR Podcasts that I can learn from?

Yes, some OKR Podcasts feature academic experts who provide valuable insights and research-based knowledge on OKR implementation and its impact on organizations.

6. What role do OKR Podcasts play in employee training and development initiatives?

OKR Podcasts serve as valuable resources for employee training and development initiatives by offering insights, tips, and best practices for goal-setting and performance management.

7. What role do emerging technologies like AI and machine learning play in discussions within OKR Podcasts?

Emerging technologies like AI and machine learning are often discussed in OKR Podcasts regarding their potential to enhance goal-setting processes, track progress, and analyze data for more effective decision-making.

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