Wondering if your company is OKR ready?

Wondering if your company is OKR ready?

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How Can Startups Become More Productive?

18 July, 2022
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Productivity is paramount for all businesses, specifically for the startups. When you are leading a startup, you cannot afford to waste any time and have to get the most out of a limited amount of resources. How do you increase your startup’s productivity when new challenges always pop up? How do you ensure that your startup attains all of its objectives efficiently. 

Take note of the word “efficiently,” which is emphasized here. Getting through three more things today than yesterday isn’t the only metric of productivity. This goes beyond simply completing more work than was expected of you. The two go hand in hand: quality and efficiency. A highly productive startup is one that meets its production targets in the shortest time possible without sacrificing quality.

Startups Become More Productive
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However, being productive at work is not a simple task. Low productivity is seen as a barrier to growth by even the most established firms. A number of different variables hamper the productivity of workers. So, you need to be familiar with the best strategies that can help you in increasing the productivity of your startup. 

Here Are Six Strategies That Have Been Proven to Boost Productivity

In what ways can productivity in the workplace be enhanced? Many different avenues exist. This article will highlight six tried-and-true methods for rapidly boosting your startup’s output.

a. Diminish Distraction And Motivation Killers

Employees need motivation in order to put in extra effort and produce higher-quality results. Motivated employees are more likely to complete their work on time and to the highest possible standard. However, productivity plummets if there are issues that prevent people from focusing or demoralizing them.

Consider mobile devices and various forms of online communication. Some businesses believe that employees being too preoccupied with their phones and social media causes serious disruptions in productivity. Notification alerts have the potential to distract us from our current tasks. There are those workers who can’t help but check their social media accounts all the time to see what’s hot.

Companies have implemented policies prohibiting the use of mobile devices and restricting access to social networking sites and other potential sources of distraction. However, restricting employee motivation by prohibiting devices and sites of this nature is not desirable. After that, what course of action is recommended?

Establish rigid regulations. Do not prohibit cell phones and social media unless absolutely necessary. Phones and social media accounts may be necessary work tools for some jobs. Therefore, it is more prudent to prohibit the use of mobile phones while visiting recreational areas. Let’s say they’re off-limits at all times, save for breaks and lunch.

b. Meetings That Could’ve Been Emails

Startups have to ensure that they utilize their time wisely. Meetings are highly important for them but only when they are meaningful. Both individual and group performance are enhanced due to regular meetings. However, startups should only have meetings for things that cannot be discussed as efficiently over emails in order to maximize productivity. 

Imagine being completely absorbed in what you’re doing. You’re so focused that you can’t take your hands off the keyboard. Suddenly, your teammate grabs your attention and announces that the team must convene a meeting immediately. The conference is over, and everyone has heard about what happened during the weekend. How fruitful was it? Not at all! There are only a few hours left for your staff to finish off any outstanding tasks. It would be best if you decided which meeting should be held and when an email should be sent instead.

c. Prioritize The Health Of Your Employees

It’s a cliche, but it’s true: health is wealth, especially in the business world. Whether they perform manual or mental labor, workers should be in peak condition.

The World Health Organization once noted the correlation between employee wellness and increased output in the workplace. Worker morale and output can benefit from a health promotion initiative taken proactively by management. Employee turnover, absences, insurance premiums, and legal disputes can all be mitigated as a result.

Maintaining workers’ physical and mental well-being is crucial for lowering the number of errors made in production due to exhaustion. Companies provide health insurance and incentives for employees to eat well to avoid this.

d. Solidify A Positive Work Culture

The way a startup’s culture is managed has a significant impact on the productivity of its workers. As a result, it can either propel a startup forward or doom it to failure. The level of employee involvement and the success of the company’s operations are both improved by a positive work culture.

When we talk about fostering a positive work culture, it’s about more than just the amenities and perks that a company offers its employees. It’s all about helping people out and getting people excited about their work. Help them understand their value to the company and its future.

The workforce is the foundation of any business. As a result, workers feel more connected to the company’s mission and more accountable for helping it succeed. That’s the way to foster a constructive environment at work.

e. Utilize The Best Technological Tools

How can an employee be effective without the right tools and equipment? It’s no secret that a company’s equipment is a crucial asset. Employee performance suffers without them. Computers, software, an office, and reliable Internet service are the very minimum requirements for any tech firm.

Employee productivity is dipping due to the heightened community quarantine being enforced in most cities and states. This is because essential resources, such as lightning-fast computers and reliable Internet connections, are not readily available. Office productivity software such as OKR management framework, performance management software and agile collaboration tools are the effective mediums to enhance the productivity of your employees. 

f. Fix The Work Environment

Several factors can affect productivity, but none more so than the workplace itself. The task you perform and the setting you choose to do it in are two very different things. Find out what tasks are being performed within the organization to establish the best setting for employees to complete those tasks. They’ll want a lively workplace where they can ring the gong whenever they make a sale, but that’s not essential. Visualize the Wolf of Wall Street’s Leo’s workplace. They wouldn’t be as motivated to promote their product to customers if the office was peaceful and quiet.

Make sure to consider the above-described points to enhance the productivity levels of your startups. For more assistance regarding guiding your startup towards growth and success, contact us here!