Employee engagement trends of 2022

Employee engagement trends

Employee engagement trends

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It is not either the strongest or the smartest employees that will survive but those who can best manage change. This line echoes in the world of business and managing people more than ever now. Across all industries, the pandemic has drastically changed the life of the employees. Make sure to stay hooked until the end as it has more than requisite for you to understand the employee engagement trends to ensure that your workforce remains engaged in driving your organization towards success. 

The past two years have been a rollercoaster as the global pandemic has caused havoc in the work culture. A move to the remote and hybrid culture has affected organizations large and small. There’s no corner of the globe that has been scanted from the turmoil. With covid unleashing one variant after another, there is no permanent end in sight for this upheaval. It has all been more volatile as was expected – there’s been a massive war for talent and quit rates have been at an all-time high as organizations are still enduring the disruption caused by this change. Hybrid work is continuing to create more unevenness around where, when, and how much different employees are working. 

As you already know, your employees are experiencing increasing anxieties as they balance working from home while keeping up with their responsibilities simultaneously. As a result, their priorities have altered as well, making it extremely critical for you to pay attention to employee engagement to ensure your workforce remains engaged, productive, and efficient. Forward-thinking leaders and managers must keep themselves updated on these engagement trends. 

What are the latest employee engagement trends? 

Employee engagement is an extremely abstract concept. It is the emotional connection that your employee feels towards your organization. What makes them feel connected to your organization and motivates them to deliver their best varies from employee to employee. Add to that what is happening in and around the world, this has changed drastically in the following manners:

1. More prominence to work-life harmony

Having already become a highlight in the employee engagement space, embracing flexibility has become less of a perk and more of a necessity for organizations today. Seeking work-life balance is not a new concept for your employees but the desire to meet it has become much higher. The majority of the job functions don’t need the employee to be at work every day physically and hence, the new-age employees are taking full advantage of it. Constructive working policies like work-from-home, remote working, and flexible office timing becoming mainstream only goes on to prove this point right. As per a survey by FlexJob, 75% of the employees feel that they are more productive at their home and encounter less stress from commuting.

2. Cloud technology will persist to reign

Technology has already emerged in every facet of employee management. Ever since the global pandemic, the demand for cloud technology amongst organizations has been on an invariant rise. Technology has been integrated into employee recognition tools, employee benefit platforms, survey tools, and performance management programs. This has made it easier for organizations to boost their employee engagement as well as deliver better results for their business. Such tools have proved to be a win-win proposition for both employers and employees. The current generation of workforce is the generation of digital nomads and the best way to engage your employees is by leveraging technology. Investing in the right performance management tool has become crucial for you if you want to drive your organization towards success. 

3. People-first culture

As we know, organizations of all sizes and industries are experiencing a tremendous rise in the culture-first decade. Employee engagement, which appeared to be an exciting concept at the beginning of the last decade has now become an obvious business objective. There is an urgent need to elevate organizational culture or else you risk losing top talents. Organizations such as American Express, Salesforce, and Hilton are setting stages for organizations to implement strategies for reinventing their culture. The people-first culture only blooms when each employee of yours feels cared for and respected by the organization, starting from top-level to bottom. It is the path that every organization has to venture on. 

4. Redefining humans in HR

Technology is increasingly becoming a more significant aspect of the picture in building an engaged workforce. The need for the hour is to blend technical prowess with a compassionate strategy. 92% of the employees believe that showing empathy is a significant way to advance employee engagement and retention.  The world is advancing digitally at an inconceivable pace. However, the employees still inherently seek appreciation, recognition, and compassion. Elevating the “human” part in HR has become extremely vital in the digital age. Employees of the millennial generation seek a more prominent sense of belonging to the organization. They want to feel recognized and valued. 

5. Employees as the brand ambassadors

Your employees play a much bigger role in this age for corporate branding. Technology has triggered a massive change both in influence and how corporates address branding. Your employee is more likely to get 561% more engagement on a message shared by them on social media than when your organization shares the same. Organizations who were quick to jump on the employee branding wagon transform their employees into brand ambassadors and boost productivity. If you want to have the numero uno employee branding endeavor, you have to keep a few things in mind – educate your employees about the value of your organization. They cannot tell a story they are not familiar with. The other part is obviously employee engagement. Make your organization a great and fun place to work in or else the attrition rates will touch the roof. 

Organizations and leaders have to be aware that we have been living through the greatest workplace disruption in generations and the pace is not looking to slow down any time sooner. Being aware of the employee engagement trends will ensure that you continue to keep your employees engaged and business successful. Contact us now for all of your requirements regarding employee engagement. 

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