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15Five claims to have been created with a thorough understanding of positive psychology principles. It exemplifies the importance of leveraging employee well-being and strengths for organizational success.


When we look into 15Five, we find a collection of features that cover a wide range of performance management features. This software emphasizes the human aspect of management, from engagement surveys and performance reviews to fostering meaningful conversations and recognition. It also includes a coaching hub.


15Five serves a diverse range of organizations. Its adaptability makes it appropriate for anyone looking to improve their performance management practices, regardless of scale.

We delve into the specifics of 15Five Software in this review to provide practical insights to aid your decision-making process as you investigate various options.

Let’s go over the features and benefits of 15Five so you can see how it fits with the needs and goals of your organization.

15Five Rating

Meets Requirements9.29.4
Ease of Use9.39.6
Quality of Support9.29.5
Product Direction8.710

15Five Review


  • The mobile app is as smooth as the desktop experience, allowing you to stay in touch and up to date whether you’re at your desk or on the go.
  • The 1:1 templates are great. The range of performance-related questions provides a structured framework for meaningful conversations between managers and team members.
  • You can create customized reviews and survey templates that reflect your company’s distinct culture.
  • It has a data-logging feature. The ability to record and track previous experiences, such as internal shoutouts, provides a useful historical perspective on an employee’s journey.
  • Get trends insights based on individual and team feedback to help spot patterns, address concerns, and fine-tune strategies for continuous growth – all backed up by real data.
  • The platform promotes company-wide visibility by highlighting individuals who have received the most recognition, thereby increasing employee morale.
  • Its platform simplifies the process of raising concerns to higher-ups. Leaders can use the software to record concerns and suggestions, which can then be seamlessly integrated into one-on-one meetings.


  • In the case of high-fives, excessive or mediocre high-fives can dilute the impact of genuine recognition.
  • Excessive communication from 15Five can result in an overload of notifications at times.
  • Some users believe that the fixed structure of reviews is limiting, especially when there is no significant content to review for a given week. These empty follow-up reviews cannot be deleted or skipped.
  • Answering the same set of questions in their review prompts every week can lead to boredom and decreased engagement. It requires more flexibility.
  • Users have complained about the lack of a task-moving option, which can impede effective task prioritization and planning.
  • The lack of engagement scores reporting back to managers’ profiles is a significant gap in personalizing engagement strategies.

15Five Pricing

The pricing structure of 15Five is flexible and deep, allowing businesses to select a plan that meets their specific needs and goals. Employee engagement, performance management, and advanced managerial training are among the options.


Engage Plan: It provides engagement surveys and analytics, giving businesses the tools they need to keep their employees motivated and engaged.


Perform Plan: It goes a step further by including comprehensive performance management elements such as Performance Reviews, OKRs & Goal Management, Check-ins, 1-on-1 meeting agendas, a Career hub, and more.


Total Platform Plan: This plan includes Engage and Perform, as well as the HR Outcomes Dashboard, select Transform courses, and other features that improve manager effectiveness. It costs $16 per user per month.


The Transform Plan: It includes two plans for manager training. The Transform Program ($99 per manager per month), for example, includes manager training, valuable resources, and a supportive community. Second, the Transform Accelerator ($220 per manager per month) incorporates all aspects of the Transform plan as well as live coaching.


Let’s take a look at the features in the Performance Management plan of 15Five:

360º feedback
Talent Matrix
Career Paths & Plans
HRIS Integrations
OKRs & Goal Management
Org-wide tracking and management
Seamless integration with continuous
feedback and performance
Jira & Salesforce integration
1-on-1 meeting agendas
Best-Self Kickoff
Career hub
Request feedback
Recognition (High fives)
Major Integrations
iOS & Android Apps

Price comparison

15Five is a great software to consider if an organization is looking to extensively manage employee performance. The platform is designed in a way that prompts users to log in frequently and stay in constant feedback and review loop with their manager.


On 15Five, it can be easy to get lost in the activity on the platform. There are other more affordable platforms available that offer similar core features of performance management that enable employees to take ownership of their work rather than be constantly prompted to do it, such as JOP.

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15Five Features

1. Performance Reviews

Organizations gain access to a comprehensive toolkit for insightful evaluations through its Performance Reviews module.


The 360-degree Feedback feature collects a comprehensive picture of an employee’s performance by soliciting feedback from peers, subordinates, and managers.


The Calibrations feature provides standardization through calibration sessions to ensure equitable assessments.


Furthermore, by visualizing employee potential and performance, the Talent Matrix facilitates strategic talent decision-making.


Career Paths and Plans provide a roadmap for individual development, while seamless HRIS Integrations simplify data management and improve the overall review process.

15Five Review
2. OKRs & Goal Management

15Five’s platform ensures that goals are synchronized throughout the hierarchy by tracking OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) across the entire organization.


The assignment of responsibilities for business, department, and team goals establishes clear ownership.


The adaptability of configurable, cross-functional goal alignment encourages cross-departmental collaboration.


These features work in combination with ongoing feedback and performance evaluations to create a comprehensive approach to achieving goals.


Integration with tools like Jira and Salesforce also improves project and sales alignment, maximizing efficiency and productivity.

3. Core platform features

15Five’s platform, at its core, provides a set of essential features that drive continuous performance management.


Check-ins and one-on-one meetings enable regular conversations between managers and employees, while also providing a structured framework for monitoring progress and addressing concerns.


Employees are given the authority to set their Best-Self Kickoff, resulting in a proactive approach to personal development.


The Career Hub enhances professional development by making resources available. Employees can use the Request Feedback and High Fives features to solicit feedback and recognize one another.


Integrations with popular tools such as Slack, Teams, and Google Calendar allow the platform to be seamlessly integrated into existing workflows, while iOS and Android Apps provide on-the-go access.

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As we conclude our in-depth examination of 15Five’s performance management platform, it is clear that this tool is a trustworthy companion for businesses looking to manage their employees’ daily performance.


We hope now you’ll be able to determine whether 15Five aligns with your organization’s goals of fostering engagement, teamwork, and continuous advancement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, 15Five can integrate with Slack, Microsoft Teams, G-suite, and many other tools.

Is 15Five's performance management software appropriate for both small and large businesses?

Yes, you can use 15Five for small, medium, and large businesses.

What features do I get in their Performance Management platform?
  • Performance Reviews
  • 360º feedback
  • Talent Matrix
  • Career Paths & Plans
  • HRIS Integrations
  • OKRs & Goal Management
  • Org-wide tracking and management
  • Seamless integration with continuous feedback and performance
  • Jira & Salesforce integration
  • Check-ins
  • 1-on-1 meeting agendas
  • Best-Self Kickoff
  • Career hub
  • Request feedback
    Recognition (High fives)
  • Major Integrations
    iOS & Android Apps
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