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Culture Amp’s purpose extends beyond being a business tool; it is founded on a commitment to assisting organizations in adopting a culture-first approach. Their mission revolves around fostering a positive and impactful work culture through education, community, and support. By emphasizing culture, organizations can create environments that foster employee growth, engagement, and success.

Organizations can unlock the full potential of their performance processes by seamlessly connecting the dots between engagement, performance, and development using Culture Amp’s intuitive software. Their solution is built around feedback, which drives actionable improvements to the employee experience. Culture Amp’s tools and resources are thoughtfully designed to assist in the creation of effective feedback loops that enable continuous growth and improvement.

Culture Amp believes that its software is for businesses that truly prioritize culture. The platform enables people all over the world to create organizations that are not only profitable and sustainable but also human-literate. These organizations prioritize culture to create workplaces that inspire, engage, and drive collective success.

After reading this comprehensive Culture Amp review, you will be able to determine whether it is a good fit for your organization.

Culture Amp Rating

FeatureCulture AmpJOP
Meets Requirements9.09.4
Ease of Use9.29.6
Quality of Support9.19.5
Product Direction9.110

Culture Amp Review


  • Culture Amp is a simple, engaging, and user-friendly platform. This simple interface encourages greater adoption by making it easier for leaders, managers, and employees to interact with the platform.
  • The Skills Coach feature, which focuses on employee development and skill enhancement, is a valuable addition. This feature provides employees with relevant learning opportunities and targeted content.
  • It functions as a centralized hub for collecting employee feedback at any time. This real-time feedback enables leaders and managers to address issues as they arise, foster employee engagement, and make sound decisions.
  • Culture Amp’s shared notes feature streamlines the process of meeting takeaways and planning. Taking notes collaboratively during meetings allows teams to document key discussions, action items, and decisions.
  • The seamless integration of Culture Amp with the HRIS (Human Resource Information System) simplifies data management and ensures accurate employee data.
  • Timely email reminders include direct links to important features like ‘give feedback,’ making it easy for employees to participate in various performance management processes.


  • Some features, such as surveys, can be more difficult for users to understand. While the platform provides robust survey capabilities for gathering employee feedback, the process of navigating and setting up surveys could be more efficient.
  • The performance review report export feature in Culture Amp lacks options for exporting these reports in more digestible formats, which may make it difficult for users to efficiently share or analyze performance data.
  • Because users can only take one lesson per day, they may find the Skills Coach feature limiting. This could affect employees who want to participate in more self-paced learning opportunities.
  • It lacks the mapping of team goals to the goals of managers. This can impact the overall coherence of performance management and achieving goals.
  • Once comments are submitted, users cannot edit or delete them. This constraint has an impact on the accuracy and relevance of feedback.

Culture Amp Pricing

Culture Amp provides three distinct single pricing plans: Engage, Perform, and Develop, allowing organizations to select the most appropriate plan based on their specific needs. Each plan addresses different aspects of performance management, ranging from insights into employee engagement to ongoing development initiatives.

Culture Amp offers bundle solutions that combine two plans to unlock even more value from their subscription for organizations looking for a more comprehensive approach to performance management: Engage + Perform, Perform + Develop, and Engage + Effectiveness.

In addition, Culture Amp provides a comprehensive employee experience pricing plan. Culture Amp’s comprehensive solution empowers leaders, managers, and HR professionals by seamlessly integrating insights from every aspect of the employee experience: Engage, Perform, and Develop.

Culture Amp includes a variety of essential features with every subscription, including HRIS integrations for streamlined data management, a multilingual platform to accommodate diverse teams, integrations with popular communication tools like Slack and MS Teams for seamless collaboration, SSO (Single Sign-On), and encryption for enhanced security.

Performance reviewsSelf-reflections
Performance AnalyticsGoal or OKR tracking
Effectiveness surveys & reports for all levelsGoals reporting & visualization
In-product calibrationsContinuous feedback
1-on-1 conversationsEmployee recognition shoutouts
Skills Coach for daily micro-learning 
The employee experience solution$16/user/month
Everything in Perform, plusEngagement & pulse surveys
Candidate, onboarding, & exit surveyseNPS
Manager & executive dashboardsPersonalized development plans
Career paths, role tracks, descriptions & proficiency levelsCompetency library & ready-made competencies
Competency framework (matrix)Trackable growth goals
Guidance & planning workflowsDevelopment & capability reporting
Continuous prompts to power adoption 

Price comparison

Culture Amp is a complete tool to enhance the employee experience in your organization. It has platforms for employee engagement, performance management, and employee development. The complete package costs you $16 per user per month, which is a lot more than what JOP costs.

JOP has comparable employee engagement, goal management, continuous improvement framework, and performance management features, but it costs only $6.49 per user per month, which is less than half of what Culture Amp charges.

Culture AmpJOP
The employee experience solutionScale Up

Culture Amp Features

1. Goal or OKR tracking and reporting

Culture Amp enables you to set traditional and cross-functional goals that adhere to the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound) principles.

OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) assist you in ensuring that each goal is aligned with the organization’s broader vision, making each milestone a step forward in achieving excellence.

Your teams can define actionable objectives and track their progress and outcomes in real time with a clear and structured approach.

Goal progress reports offer valuable insights into individual, team, and organizational performance.

Leaders and managers can use data to determine where progress is thriving and where additional assistance may be required, allowing for data-driven decision-making.

Goals And Keyresults
2. Performance reviews and self-reflections

Setting up and launching performance reviews is a breeze with Culture Amp’s user-friendly interface. Administrators can tailor review cycles to their specific organization’s timelines and performance evaluation criteria.

Managers can use the platform to provide targeted feedback and evaluate performance against predefined goals and competencies. Employees get meaningful and constructive feedback, promoting their professional development.

The software provides a clear picture of individual progress and identifies areas of strength for improvement. This data-driven approach improves transparency and fairness in performance evaluations.

Managers can also add collaborators to the review process using Culture Amp. Team members, peers, or other stakeholders can offer perspectives, providing a well-rounded view of an employee’s performance.

Culture Amp allows relevant stakeholders to share performance reviews in real-time. The platform also supports review acknowledgments, ensuring that employees acknowledge and reflect on feedback. You can also export performance reviews to PDF.

Employees can conduct self-assessments using Culture Amp’s self-reflection feature. Employees can create, launch, and duplicate self-reflection cycles and tailor the questions to their developmental goals.

Performance Evaluation
3. Continuous feedback and 1-on-1 conversations

Culture Amp’s platform enables team members to exchange continuous feedback, allowing employees to gain insights from multiple sources.

This increases the richness and depth of performance insights, promoting a growth and development culture.

There are also 1-on-1 meetings between managers and employees. It includes tools for managing meeting agendas, action items, and notes, allowing managers and employees to easily align on goals and discuss progress.

These 1-on-1 conversations promote open communication and professional growth and address any issues or concerns.

It provides an easy-to-use templated tool for conducting 1-on-1 meetings, simplifying the process. Managers can use ready-made templates to effectively structure their conversations.

Culture Amp
4. Employee recognition shoutouts

You can tag one or more custom values to each recognition in Culture Amp’s Employee Recognition shoutout, making it more meaningful and aligned with the organization’s core values.

Users can create expressive shoutouts with specific feedback on the platform. Team members can provide context and appreciation by emphasizing the actions or behaviors that led to the recognition.

Culture Amp understands the significance of emotions in the workplace. Users can also add emojis to their messages, injecting fun, creativity, and positivity into the recognition process.

It integrates seamlessly with Slack channels to improve accessibility and visibility. This means real-time sharing of shoutouts among team members.

Performance Evaluation
5. Skills Coach for daily micro-learning

The Skills Coach in Culture Amp can deliver daily micro-learnings via multiple channels, including Slack, email, and Microsoft Teams.

This enables managers and employees to interact with learning content seamlessly within the platforms they already use, fostering a culture of continuous learning without interfering with their workflow.

Skills Coach provides managers with daily, two-minute interactive exercises with employees that encourage new behavior and the formation of healthy work habits.

Coaching skills


Culture Amp offers a complete solution for companies that put their people and culture first.

This is a great approach if you are building a sustainable organization that drives growth by prioritizing employee engagement.

Its strength is the continuous feedback and 1:1 conversation features, which are great to manage employee performance.

On the negative side, the platform lacks some optimization, which can easily be improved over time with platform updates.

In this review, we have mentioned additional details about its pricing, features, and comparison, which will help you make a better decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Culture Amp can integrate with Slack, Microsoft Teams, G-suite, and many other tools.

Is Culture Amp's performance management software appropriate for both small and large businesses?

Yes, you can use Culture Amp for small, medium, and large businesses.

What features do I get in their Performance Management platform?
  • Performance reviews
  • Self-reflections
  • Performance Analytics
  • Goal or OKR tracking
  • Effectiveness surveys & reports for all levels
  • Goals reporting & visualization
  • In-product calibrations
  • Continuous feedback
    1-on-1 conversations
  • Employee recognition shoutouts
  • Skills Coach for daily micro-learning
Which are the competitors to Culture Amp?
  • JOP (Joy of
  • Performing)
  • Lattice
  • 15Five
  • Leapsome
  • Engagedly

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