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4.8 out of 5


For HR teams looking to enhance talent management through deeper performance insights, Trakstar Perform offers a robust solution.

At its core, Trakstar provides performance review and goal-setting functionality designed for results-driven organizations. However, it goes beyond goals with embedded engagement surveys, 360-degree feedback, and individual progress reporting.

This creates an integrated hub for managing the entire employee performance journey – from setting objectives, gathering multi-source insights, and tracking growth. It works for organizations of all sizes and industries.

This comprehensive review will dive deep into Trakstar Perform’s capabilities. Based on hands-on usage and user reviews, we’ll explore the key features, benefits, and potential limitations. You’ll also get insights into pricing and support models to determine if it is the right fit.

Trakstar Perform Rating

Feature Trakstar Perform JOP
Meets requirements8.49.7
Ease of Use8.19.7
Quality of Support8.59.8
Product direction8.19.8
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Trakstar Review

  • Scheduled reviews – Perform allows centralized scheduling of performance evaluations with automatic reminders to employees. This ensures consistency and timeliness.
  • History of appraisals – All past reviews are stored and easily accessible in employee profiles. This enables tracking growth and development longitudinally.
  • Multiple sub-goals or checkpoints – Strategic Goals can be broken down into smaller milestones. This promotes a focus on incremental progress.
  • Automatic evaluation reminders – Reviewers get notified when assigned reviews should be completed or are overdue. The system proactively keeps the process moving.
  • Scheduled surveys – Surveys to gather insights from employees, peers, or managers can be deployed on a recurring schedule. This enables continuous listening.
  • Complex process to build review forms – Users cite the process for creating custom performance review templates as overly complex with too many required steps.
  • Cannot include stretch goals with target variances – The system cannot designate goals as “stretch” with unusually high target variances like 150%. This constrains goal flexibility.
  • Can’t set new goals until the previous cycle is finalized – Users can’t begin planning the next period’s OKRs until the manager marks the last period as complete. This delays alignment to evolving strategies.
  • Overwhelming due to a high number of functions – The extensive suite of talent management features creates a steep learning curve. Simplifying and segmenting features could improve user experience.
  • Not a dedicated OKR platform – While it has goal setting, Perform is not purpose-built for OKRs. Adoption would require training in the methodology.
  • No clarity into pricing – Public pricing information is limited. Users need transparent pricing to evaluate the system effectively.
Trakstar Perform Pricing

Explore all the pricing plans of Trakstar Perform.

Trakstart does not disclose any pricing plan for its platform. You have to request quotes to get the specific pricing for your organization.

Price comparison

Trakstart Perform is a detailed and performance reviews-oriented performance management platform that also includes SMART goal-setting to support the reviews. However, there are affordable and straightforward OKR plus performance management platforms like JOP where you can create meaningful goals with rich supporting features and performance review ability.

Trakstar Perform JOP
Not availableScale Up
Custom price quotes$6.49/user/month

Trakstar Features

1. Goal-setting and Alignment

Cascade top-level Strategic Goals across the organization to drive focus on broader organizational priorities. Employees can have individual SMART goals set within the system to promote accountability.

Link goals to quantifiable metrics for individuals to track performance against organizational priorities.

2. OKR and Progress Tracking

Incorporate progress on Strategic Goals into regular performance evaluations. Continuously monitor the achievement of strategic goals to spot adjustment needs.

3. Collaboration and Execution

Employees can provide or request feedback continuously on objectives at any time to guide growth. Assign measurements as quantifiable tasks that ladder up to broader objectives.

4. Analytics and Reporting

Visual performance dashboard with progress on individual, team, and organizational goals and metrics. Generate performance history reports to analyze goal progress and achievement over time.

5. User experience

Automated email reminders on upcoming reviews, surveys, and other deadlines.

Filter and view past performance evaluations with custom criteria.

Connect Trakstar to Slack integration (pre-built) and other systems via API.



Looking at the user reviews and the features, it’s clear that Trakstar Perform is not an OKR-based platform (it has Strategic Goals).

It lacks essential and thoughtful goal-setting and tracking features like the OKR creation, easy alignment maps, and intuitive OKR tracking dashboards.

Considering the general requirements of today’s teams, a simple, reliable, and easy-to-use OKR platform would be best to focus on the OKRs and manage them in a daily grind. Trakstar is not there yet.

We hope this review provides clarity in selecting the most suitable OKR solution for your business needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Trakstar Perform integrate with popular tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams?

Trakstar Perform integrates with Slack and supports API integrations.


Is Trakstar Perform OKR software appropriate for both small and large businesses?

Yes, you can use Trakstar Perform in small, medium, and large businesses.

What onboarding, support, and continued coaching does Trakstar Perform provide?

Trakstar Perform offers a dedicated Help Center and Trakstar Academy (expert-led and resources) to train your teams.

Does the Trakstar Perform include templates and examples for setting effective OKRs?

No, it provides pre-built Strategic Goals templates for individuals.

Can we try a free trial to test if Trakstar Perform is user-friendly for our teams?

No, Trakstar Perform does not mention any free trial on its website.

What are the alternatives to Trakstar Perform?
  • JOP (Joy of Performing)
  • Quantive
  • Betterworks
  • Workboard
  • Weekdone