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Evaluate your people fairly and enable high performance simultaneously at more reasonable pricing with JOP


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JOP is exactly the one-stop solution one needs for all their team alignment and management problems. We can now track critical results, team progress, and manage the OKRs in full context with complete visibility. We have been able to boost our team’s performance with the help of real-time, visual data.

More impact. For much less

Performance management is about helping individuals and teams achieve meaningful goals by staying aligned on the shared business goals.

  • More impactful reviews

Individual goals are well-aligned with the team and company goals, and you practice fair and objective evaluations at a more reasonable price

Easy-to-use tool with efficient support

JOP is built keeping your productivity in mind. Focus on more important things and get help at your fingertips with our in-app support
Meets requirements9.49.6
Ease of use9.49.6
Quality of support9.49.4
G2 Reviews9.49.4

A forward-looking performance management tool

Enable high performance among your teams with meaningful goal-setting, fair performance reviews, continuous feedback, AI-assisted actions, and more via an intuitive and reasonably priced tool
User-Friendly Interface
Intuitive and easy-to-navigate user interface for all levels.
Goal-Setting and Tracking
Ability to set and manage individual and team goals.
Performance Reviews
Conduct regular performance reviews and evaluations.
Continuous Feedback
Provide a platform for ongoing feedback and discussions.
Feedback History
Easily access and review historical feedback.
Employee Recognition and Rewards
Offer a platform for recognizing and rewarding outstanding performance.
Ensure consistency and fairness in reviews by aligning assessments and ratings. 
Data Export and Reporting
Allow for exporting and sharing data and reports.
Mobile Accessibility
Provide a mobile app for access on smartphones and tablets.
Mind mapping
Visual representation of team and goals alignment.
Check-in Notes
Record specific notes and takeaways from the check-in
AI-Assisted Actions
Improve your performance with AI-recommended action items

Prompt and quality user support

Joy of Performing


Empower your teams with a high-performance tool

Try the intuitive and reasonably priced performance management software for your growing business.