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We found the centralized OKRs and project management a great help while working with our external team members. It’s easy to get around the platform, and we don’t have to explain much to them


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Users: 11-500
Custom enterprise pricing is available


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Compare the pricing plans of Perdoo and JOP

Perdoo offers three pricing plans: Free, Premium (€7/user/month), and Supreme (€9/user/month) based on the level of access to the features.


JOP offers three pricing plans: Start Up, Scale Up & Enterprise (Custom Pricing) with OKRs management, employee engagement, and performance management tools.

User experience at a glance

Compare JOP and Perdoo based on user experience and available support.

Reviewers find JOP’s interface and functionalities easier to use and navigate than Perdoo. However, Perdoo takes the lead in setup and administration, potentially saving you time getting started.

Similar to prior comparisons, reviewers expressed a stronger overall preference for Perdoo. This trend suggests factors beyond the software, such as customer service or brand perception, could influence these opinions.

The key takeaway here is that based on user reviews, JOP appears to be a better fit for your specific business needs. This suggests that JOP offers a superior alignment with your company’s unique goals and workflows.

While both platforms offer product support, JOP seems to have a slight edge. Reviewers consistently highlighted the quality of JOP’s ongoing support as a positive factor.

Looking toward the future, users favored the direction of JOP’s feature updates and roadmap. This could be a significant factor if you value continuous improvement and a platform that adapts to your evolving needs.



Meets requirements9.68.5
Ease of use9.69.1
Quality of support9.79.0
G2 Reviews4.84.4

Features comparison table: JOP vs. Perdoo

Here, we compare all the necessary features of JOP and Perdoo side by side.

Feature icon


Ease of use

Simplicity, learning curve, and the clarity of instructions

Confidence level/rating

How confident the user is to achieve a goal

Mind Mapping

OKR linking maps for better team alignment


Allows users to comment on OKRs and tag others

Easy check-in notes

Schedule OKR check-ins and record notes for them

Action items

Assigned execution statements that specify actions toward goals

Instant Notifications

Real-time alerts related to essential OKR activity

Attach documents

Upload relevant documents to the OKRs

Analytics and Reports

OKR progress data analysis and reports dashboards

Download OKR Reports

Export the OKR progress report in a common format

Integrations with common tools

OKR platform connects seamlessly with other commonly used platforms like Spreadsheets

Ongoing one-way feedback

Customized feedback to a team member in real-time

Recognition feedback and rewards

Personalized feedback and rewards for milestones and achievements

Continuous two-way feedback

Ongoing two-way feedback between team members

OKR Activity

View all the past activities on OKRs

OKR Grading/Rating

Rating OKRs at the end of the cycle based on performance


Create OKRs and action-items suggestions with the AI


Employee pulse and other customizable surveys

Copy OKRs

Copy OKRs across cycles, teams, and anywhere else

Mobile App

The OKR platform is available as a phone application


User support comparison



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  • right_icon Ticketing system

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  • right_iconLive Chat Suppor


Which OKR software is better for your business, JOP or Perdoo?

Perdoo is mainly a strategy execution platform that allows teams to implement their strategies via the OKR framework.

However, a few things make Perdoo lag behind in the market. Things like the platform’s cost, lack of continuous feedback, no surveys, and AI goal creation can make potential users consider other platforms.

For example, JOP has all these features mentioned above, and even costs less than the pricier Perdoo.

We hope this comparison between JOP and Perdoo helps you choose the right OKR software for your team.


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