Wondering if your company is OKR ready?

Wondering if your company is OKR ready?

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How Do OKRs Benefits A Funded Startup?

14 July, 2022
4 mins

The Okr management, one of the most prominent leadership strategies utilized by the world’s most influential CEOs, is all about establishing, discussing, and measuring your organization’s most critical quarterly goals. Although highly popular amongst well-established organizations already, Okr software has lately gained a huge amount of attraction amongst startups. As startups need to have a growth-centric approach at all times, the Okr management platform is well and truly the way to go! Though first let’s look at what Okrs exactly are.

OKRs benefits a funded startup
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Okr (Objectives and Key Results) is a flexible framework for business goal-setting. The Okr technique works to increase your organization’s transparency, alignment, concentration, and agility when used appropriately. In its true nature, Okrs are stretch objectives, and therefore it is critical to keep track of them since they will be a vital contributor to the growth of the startups. It is an outcome-driven goal-setting framework that enables people to accomplish performance through ongoing goal-setting and attainment of quantifiable results, which pushes the firm towards its goals. Okr tool encourages cooperation, employee participation, and engagement. It helps you increase organizational performance by fostering ownership of work at the individual level rather than via managerial compulsions and monitoring. All in all, okr program is what you need next after getting your startup funded! 

As they say, with great power, arrives great responsibility. Well, the same can be said for a funded startup. Now that your startup has managed to attract interest and funding from investors, it’s time to double down on your efforts to ensure that your funded startup doesn’t stop there. At this stage, you just cannot afford to take the back seat and forget everything after attaining your first milestone because the real hard work starts now. Having Okr software is the need of the hour at this stage. You need to establish a high-growth culture that will lead your teams towards superior performance. Let us find out why:

1. Funding means more chaos

Investors demand a return on their money when they fund a project as they want to make money straight away. Your task is to show that you will do this and do it better than your competitors. Your strategy should be as comprehensive as possible and should be reflected in execution as well. You should be clear about your financial goals and how you are going to allocate to structure your funding. Sounds tough, does it? Well, not really when you have an Okr tool at your disposal. It will bring much-needed calmness to the chaos present in your funded startup. 

2. To give your teams that extra push 

Now that your startup has backed the desired funding, it’s time for everyone to step out of their comfort zone. Having an Okr tool is the most effective way to give your teams that extra push they need to make this funding worth it. When you develop and align your organizational objectives with the team, you receive a clear direction and concentrate on what is most important at the organizational level. When the team works collectively toward the defined goals, success is assured. Okr management is the most effective way to give your organization the ability and guidance they need to walk that extra mile.

3. To utilize the resources efficiently

In leading a funded startup, you have to ensure that all resources are used efficiently and that the team is aligned with the overarching goals. Okr software enables you to ensure that all resources are devoted to the most vital activities and contribute to the company’s top priorities. There is no better approach in today’s time that in such a chaotic environment, enables you to deliver growth without losing focus to drive your funded startup towards the next stage. You just cannot afford to waste your time and resources, can you?

4. To attain the desired objectives

Now that your startup has got funded, your objectives are bound to be amplified. You no longer have to work with ease and have goals that are easily attainable. Having aspirational objectives is one thing, but having a platform that enables you to attain them and track your progress towards them is altogether another ball game. This is where the Okr management comes into the picture. Have stretch goals for your teams to justify that funding and show your teams that route to attain them.

5. Stay focused

As you know the Okr software enables you to prioritize your tasks and therefore gives you the much-needed focus it needs to attain them. At this point when your startup has got its desired funding, it cannot afford to take the back seat and scatter all of its focus on the wrong objectives. Through the Okr tool, give your startup the clarity and focus it needs to understand what needs to be done next, why, and how. By establishing a culture of ownership and accountability, Okr management approach ensures that everyone remains focused on driving the startup forward. 

If you wish that your startup doesn’t slow down after getting funded, okr management is the route you go to take. No matter what size your startup is and what industry you belongs to, no other approach can keep you on track of consistent growth, except the okr tool. Make your teams aware of why you are bringing this approach into the picture and inform them of how they themselves will experience consistent growth and improvements while working with okr tool. This will facilitate you to effectively embrace the okr management for your funded startup and guess what? There shall be no turning back as success is what your startup will be looking forward to! 

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