Wondering if your company is OKR ready?

Wondering if your company is OKR ready?

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Agile Collaboration

Agility across the business is at the heart of a high - performance culture

Agile methods are now common in engineering and product teams. The
challenge is to get the whole organisation working in this way. JOP is the
team collaboration tool to help to support the framework for agile
collaboration across and within teams

Cross-functional teams prevent silo’s from forming in scale-ups

Depending purely on functional teams to achieve OKRs can create or
reinforce silo’s. Rather than defaulting to functional teams, JOP’s agile
software encourages the formation of cross-functional teams to ensure
that innovation and performance takes place across the value chain.

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Ownership drives accountability
and collaboration

Each OKR has a number of owners – the objective itself and the key results supporting the objective. Additionally, contributors are
added to the ownership team for their specific skills. The team then use JOP as a collaboration tool to
work with one another to drive performance.

Agile collaboration processes in OKR teams

JOP is a collaboration tool for scale-ups facing the need to organise and
empower their rapidly expanding teams. Regular check-ins provide the
formal forum for collaboration, innovation and problems solving. Informal
collaboration is supported through actions, messaging and updates.

Continual learning drives performance improvement

Regular collaboration helps team members to understand their relative strengths and weaknesses. Rather than relying only on formal learning, team members can collaborate further to provide learning and coaching to other team members who need it.

Master Agility and Teamwork to Achieve Success

An interconnected team, support, and agile collaboration, there’s no limit that an organization can achieve. A free flow of ideas, highly proactive communication and disciplined execution is what team success really boils down to.
Simply put, teamwork can be the single most important skill in creating an effective organization, better than the competition.
JOP discovered this in the initial days of our inception, thus, we turbocharged our OKR system by adding Actions! Move the needle on your Objectives by planning strategic actions linked directly to key results.
Unlike other platforms, we bring strategic planning and execution on the same screen. This allows visibility on the key elements that bring business goals to fruition. Cross functional OKR teams can work together seamlessly through this holistic framework which allows members to assign ownership, follow progress and maintain context through comment threads.
We know your teams are busy. Whether remote or hybrid, bring everyone on the same page for weekly check-ins. We’re happy to provide the platform and context for teams to have important conversations about achieving goals, troubleshooting and even reallocating resources if needed. JOP maintains the momentum through the confidence section in the dashboard, so you can flag goals before they’re in critical danger.
Not only this, employees work best when they can give and receive feedback that is constructive and helps them develop professionally. When leaders embrace team spirit, foster trust, and support their teams with the right tools, accountability and excitement flow naturally at all levels of the structure.
Organizations that understand the importance of working together as a team use JOP as their trusted partner. We help you flourish and develop the agility you need to succeed.